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Meet The TeamNick Banks – Editor In Chief, Director

On September of 2015, Nick first set up All Things Playstation 4. It started out as a blog on PS4 games and would later become something else altogether. As the site grew in popularity, the old blog layout didn’t feel right to him. It just didn’t have that journalistic feel. So on February 2017, Nick took the plunge and started all over again with the final result being the site you see today. Nick’s dream is to build up All Things Playstation to a point where he can work along side his dream team in an office space of his own!


Sachi Weragoda – Project & Operations Coordinator, Co-Director

Just after Nick had started working on his dream website, Sachi inquired on joining the All Things Playstation project December 2015. With a shared passion in all things gaming, he quickly became as much a part of All Things as Nick. Long time friends from university, the two decided they would work tirelessly together towards the dream of making a living out of videogames. Equally strong in resolve, Sachi would soon realise how he was just as important to the site as its creator

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